There are numerous YouTube videos 20 ways to drink beer shirt of awake craniotomies, so I am not sure what you are asking. I underwent a Pterional craniotomy to remove a meningioma, but was placed under general anesthesia so I didn’t feel a thing. From my electronic medical records, I do know that I received an injection of Bupivacaine Epinephrine at the surgical site prior to placing of the Mayfield head clamp and the skin incision.If I state something incorrectly, I hope that some of the neurosurgeons on Quora will correct me as I am not a doctor.The Mayfield head clamp has  pins that are used to hold the head absolutely still with I seemed to be in a daze with nurses checking my vitals, shining lights in my eyes, asking how many fingers I saw, asking me to move my fingers.

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Btw, these neuro checks 20 ways to drink beer shirt seemed to go on every hour on the hour the first night and less often for the through nights while I stayed on the “Neuro floor of the hospital. of pressure. I still have a mark on my forehead from one of the pins.Here is a picture of a patient in the supine position When the pain meds wore off, I had a throbbing headache on my right side, a sore temporalis jaw muscle (because it was cut and split to be moved out of the way, then reapproximated at the end), and a swollen right eye with lots of pressure behind it. It hurt to sleep on my right side. Parts of my scalp were numb because my supraorbital nerve was also cut during the surgery (still has not grown back yet.



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