I went to art school with a guy who started seriously 24 Years of Coldplay 1996-2020 signatures shirt taking up music after graduation /around his final year, and learned that he loved music more than his visual arts, but he has expressed many times that he values the discipline his program instilled in him and that finishing art school was very good for him. He’s going to grad school for music soon.Maybe you’re similar, maybe not, but you CAN consider waiting and doing music for grad school. Then you’ll know if it’s a lasting passion or a phase, possibly attend a specialty music school, and you’ll have a degree either way.

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Also you might find that other 24 Years of Coldplay 1996-2020 signatures shirt mediums really get you going as well so while you are fortunate enough to have a free”ride through an arts program be sure to try sculpture, photo, printmaking, and any commercial arts or illustration classes you can. If you take some animation, video/film, or installation classes you could combine your music and your visual work. Don’t lose sight of the fact that that one medium of art does not exist in a vacuum, and often heavily rely on each other.



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