Mosr reassuring of all are the things we learned from the Clintons Baby’s first Christmas on the inside shirt and those investigating Mrs. Clinton. We learned: that any contacts which may appear suspicious are really just conversations about grandchildren and that, if a public official violates national security, they cannot be prosecuted because they didn’t know it was illegal to do so. It’s too bad Comey was fired before he could say this about the investigation of President Trump as he did about Candidate Clinton’s violations of national security. As long as those rules continue to be applied to the current president, then there’s nothing to worry about. Anything else and there will be lots for some people to worry about.

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Years after high school I met this Baby’s first Christmas on the inside shirt guy who played for the best team in the state. He was a guard and claimed Bruener hit him so hard he had clear fluid coming out of his nose and a headache for a week. He thought it was cerebral spinal fluid. After talking to him, I think he might be right.I called him poor baby. You got hit by him once? I got hit by him every damn day in the fall of 1990. I am lucky to be alive. Not only that I had my brother who was a defensive tackle yelling at me and telling the starting defense if anyone can sack me he would buy them something. It was a nightmare.



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