So we need to look at the things that Cat Christmas shirt hurt and upset us more than it should, things that take us right back to that feeling of frustration and exasperation and hurt we experienced as children. You need to dust them off, take a step back, and look at this as the adult you are now. If you can understand why you felt the way you did and you are able to put it into perspective now, it will make a huge difference. So don’t simply try to put those thoughts and feelings away, because they will always resurface, unless you’ve “repacked” them with the wisdom you now have. Your siblings and other family members have changed too, and would most probably not do or say the same things anymore, unless they too are stuck in the past where their childhood reactions will take over.Lastly, as an adult, you should address any other issues that still exist. If it’s a nickname you don’t like, tell them. If you feel you should be treated with more respect, tell them. And take control – if things start sliding into that murky place where we feel our childhood hurt and anger comes alive, simply walk away if you cannot stop this interaction.

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It’s often a simple thing, Cat Christmas shirt like saying “I have forgiven my mother for giving the youngest sibling special treatment. I know she was worried about her depression, and she over-compensated”, or, “I know (your sibling) bullied me relentlessly because you were unhappy/ insecure. We can put that behind us.” And even if the mother or this sibling disagrees with your assertion, it will help you to move on. Chances are that it would help the others too – a mother would feel less guilty for over-protecting a child if she knows the other children understand why it happened. Or simply that they don’t hold it against her. She would not need to go on the defense, which it a classic way of reviving “childhood trauma”.It’s like putting a cap on a glass jar – you know what went down, but it’s been dealt with. No need to take it out again.



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