People with blood should eat fresh fruit Dalmatian Light Christmas tree shirt and vegetables if they can get them, taking advantage of what’s grown locally and eating the freshest produce available. Leafy green vegetables are important and should be included in this diet. People with  blood should also eat animal protein in the form of meat, fish, eggs, and seafood if available. If they choose to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet they must make sure to consume sufficient complete protein and include supplements to avoid dietary deficiencies.

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They should also include some form of staple in their diet, Dalmatian Light Christmas tree shirt such as rice, bread, corn etc. eaten in moderation. The type of fat eaten is also very important. Saturated fats don’t oxidise readily, but are inflammatory and should be limited in the diet. Vegetable oils high in omega 6 should be limited if not avoided. Olive oil is presently considered the healthiest oil to consume.



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