They should also include DJ Samurai Shirt some form of staple in their diet, such as rice, bread, corn etc. eaten in moderation. The type of fat eaten is also very important. Saturated fats don’t oxidise readily, but are inflammatory and should be limited in the diet. Vegetable oils high in omega 6 should be limited if not avoided. Olive oil is presently considered the healthiest oil to consume.These people should then carefully appraise their health. If they are in very good health, with stable mood, good sleep and digestion, plenty of energy, clear skin, and no illness, they should continue on this diet. If their health is less than good they should watch to see if there is any connection between what they eat and their symptoms.

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They should then practice DJ Samurai Shirt an exclusion diet to find the food that affects them badly. It is sensible to exclude any food that tends to make you ill.People with all blood types should follow this diet. Individual reaction and sensitivity to food is much more significant when considering diet than is blood type. If blood type mattered, all humans could manage with one of only four diets, but we can be far more varied in our needs than that.



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