Andy Whitfield as Spartacus was Gingers are for life not just for Christmas shirt  a revelation. Perfection. Was devastated to learn of his illness and death, and doubted the show could continue without him. Happily, I gave the new season with his replacement a chance! Somehow, Liam McIntyre not only managed to do good work as Spartacus , he continued to elevate the series. For a replacement to come in and not only keep a show going, but keep it as watchable and beloved as the original actor did is an astonishing feat. The final seasons of the show are the most emotional and he did not disappoint. He honored his predecessor while making the role his own. Spartacus is a true ensemble piece, but the title character is the sun around which it revolves. Big props to both Andy and Liam.

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Viva Bianca as Ilithyia Gingers are for life not just for Christmas shirt gets an honorable mention for sure. Rarely has such a delicate beauty seemed so sadistically creepy and vulnerable all at once. Remember in that Addam’s Family movie where Christina Ricci’s Wednesday was made to smile, terrifying everyone? That is Bianca’s performance here in a nutshell. Many of the actors on this show shine in moments where a character plainly says/does one thing but makes clear to the audience they feel/intend another; Bianca is a master of this and steals scene after scene.



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