In every generation of Pokemon, Halloween skeleton I’ll just wait until it’s quiet shirt with the exception of Hoenn, you never find out who the main character’s father is or where he is in the world. Growing up, this confused me a lot, but as I delved further into Japanese culture, it dawned on me that this was likely a reflection of Japanese culture, where the father often isn’t home because he’s working to pay for the lifestyle and expenses of the family. I forget the yonjijukugo for this exact term at the moment, but I do know that this phenomenon is apparent enough to warrant an appearance in Japanese media. I wish there would have been some explanation in the games, but alas, we are left wondering where your character’s father is in the world, which has sparked some interesting and hilarious theories, but I’m on the side that it’s a cultural difference that was lost in translation.

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Still, adding even a line Halloween skeleton I’ll just wait until it’s quiet shirt of dialogue into the code couldn’t possible have been that big a deal. I’ve seen if before in games, and having coded before, I know it isn’t too hard to do.One of the other things that bothers me is again a lack of explanation. In Japan, children are often allowed to go around town unsupervised because of how safe it is. The same mentality is again mirrored in Pokemon, but this is a little more difficult than adding a line of dialogue to explain to a younger audience, so I can understand why this was left untouched. It’s pretty much accepted as just the culture of the Pokemon world as it is, anyway. I’ve only met a handful of people who question this, and they quickly understand after a brief explanation.



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