But, lo and behold! Your founder appreciates Have a holly dolly Christmas shirt your gift more than anyone else’s, because it is heartfelt and thoughtful, and it connects with strong memories of your time together. Your contribution in a socially acceptable setting finally matters. You can barely believe your ears and your eyes, and you relax, so you finally are able to sit down with him and have a reminiscent chat like friends.And then he offers you a job. A chance to be his employee, at the company that you co founded, which your research is largely or entirely responsible for. And he emphasizes that this job comes with ‘excellent health insurance’. You look over at your wife, who sees you and avoids your gaze.And it clicks: your friend could have offered this at any time, between when you left the company and now. It’s literally been decades.

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So he’s not offering Have a holly dolly Christmas shirt it out of friendship  he’s offering it out of pity. And he only found out because your wife felt the need to gossip about your problems behind your back, further depriving you of any agency. Yet another person, one whom he already mostly hated to begin with, treating him like a charity case. It’s an opportunity to go back to being someone else’s bitch. First, the school and the car wash, and now it’s Elliot, the man profiting off of his genius. Yet another path back to a mediocre existence, where nothing you do or say matters in the slightest, where no one even feels much of anything for you besides that infuriating pity. Pity, for a motherfucking Nobel Prize winner.



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