At first I denied it because I didn’t want to look ridiculous and it Mickey Mouse drink Dr Pepper Merry Christmas shirt seemed completely out of character. But for one day of work!?!? Hell, I was in! I had about months of additional training time before the informercial shoot date so I decided to kick my training and diet into full gear. I ate only lean meats, eggs and vegetables 4 times a day. I exercised days a week and often did double-days. I would lift weights for an hour in the afternoon and then swim for minutes after weight training. I dropped down to just under 6% body fat and it looked awesome! However, I found myself getting weaker and weaker athletically speaking as my roadmap to getting ripped progressed.

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I was basically on a Mickey Mouse drink Dr Pepper Merry Christmas shirt body builder’s diet which was pretty much all protein and little-to-no carbohydrates. I found myself lifting less and less weight and being fatigued more quickly in the pool as my body fat dropped.The infomercial shoot came around and I spent 14 hours in an old warehouse in downtown Los Angeles doing all sorts of crunches as a background model while the spokespeople for the exercise videos read their lines. It was fun because two of the co-hosts were actresses from Baywatch. After probably sit ups while maintaining a goofy grin on my face the shooting was over and I went home for about a week of recovery. I wanted to laugh at myself for agreeing to get lubed up in vegetable oil and participate in something so Hollywood-esque, but it hurt too much to laugh so I lai



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