I’m going to go out on a limb I’m A Little Smart Ass Short And Stout Shirt on this one. But the couple that has not only the best character and relationship arc in my book are Jin and Sun on In a dramatic television series with a decidedly ensemble cast and one that has the series starting off with them not even speaking English to each other – and without subtitles, their acting is entirely emotional.It’s painful to see their bitterness toward each other and his possessiveness of her (which, I’m not sure, may be cultural or may be due to his personal story which we find out later. The fact she learned English to run away from him.The way they often go their separate ways on the island and later find strength in their relationship not only to survive her previous affair, but also, several months on the island on which their plane crashed.

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Their stirring demise I’m A Little Smart Ass Short And Stout Shirt holding hands in a submarine explosion intended to punish them for trying to leave the island. And their hands eventually drifted away as did this consciousness. They loved each ot She’s a half-elf/half angel princess reputedly the most beautiful woman in creation with a voice that can destroy a prison tower and enchant a darklord; He’s a human refugee without a home or a penny to his name who faced a wolf as large as a house for her and traveled to hell on earth to steal a jewel from the devil himself.



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