You’re happily on your merry gaming way and encounter a high level who Peyton Manning Denver Broncos shirt strikes you down and kills your character with one blow. Does the game reload exactly where your character died with all of your existing loot and completed quests?No, they reload from the last saved checkpoint which could be from minutes old sometimes older. You’ll have lost everything you’ve done up to that time and must redo it all again. Checkpoint saves have no place in video games in this day and age.

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Bosses sometimes have a zone that’s Peyton Manning Denver Broncos shirtdefined in the game. Once you enter that zone, the boss battle begins. Some games offer an open playfield where you can run outside of the boss zone. If you do, the boss resets its health and you must start the match all over. Yet, any lost player health must regenerate normally via potions or whatever mechanism the game provides.



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