I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Post Malone ghost boo Sunflower Santa Christmas shirt Put weight on the back, and the front pulls up. Clip in hard plastic canteens, and good luck trying to roll. The ammo pouches featured hard plastic stiffeners that were invariably warped and made using them for carrying ammunition exceptionally difficult. I used mine to carry aftershave because I only needed that once a day.Yeah, I packed aftershave in the field. I’d emerge from dry shaving with a big clean patch surrounded by dirt where my scrawny beard had been and smelling like I just got out of a barbershop.Of all the gear in the photo, the most useful item was the canteen cup. Always keep two: one to heat up coffee and cocoa in the field, and one shiney new one to keep with rest of my  for inspection.

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The best canteen not Post Malone ghost boo Sunflower Santa Christmas shirt pictured was the two quart soft plastic canteen. It held more, and you could squeeze the air out so it wouldn’t slosh when you walked. It didn’t include a cup, though. Nowadays, camelbacks are more convenient. Never, not even , in all those years did I ever witness anyone having anything resembling an asthma attack from all that smoke. I was in my early 20s before I saw such a thing or had even heard of anyone having a problem like that. I also never heard of a pair of dorm roommates switching rooms with others on the basis of smoking in the room, or declining to go to the local college bar because of the smoke.

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