It would simply mean that pirates would Santa Claws White Claw Christmas Drinking shirt stop being portrayed as the real bad guys, as would the imperial powers America needs to keep the old imperial powers kept in the bad books to make it look like they are doing good in the world by absorbing all of their old territory  Hollywood is American, they don’t and can’t allow the apparently EVIL British to be looked on in a good light for using the full force of their empire to make the slade trade illegal, not whilst America is known for dropping nukes on two cities full of thousands of innocent people, causing cancer in the long run, then constantly bombing the shit out of countries for no reason than that they want oil.

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Britain also Santa Claws White Claw Christmas Drinking shirt didn’t anything from China or India, we traded gold and silver for opium tea and spices, nearly bankrupted England because they were using so much silver and gold. It would ruin the whole picture that they have built in the public opinion of the European powers who actually did an awful lot of good for the world by building communications and trade links, industrial revolutions, democracy and other things. The slave trade was done by everybody around the world, just as brutally.

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    Delivery and t shirt was 1st class, as they can only print the image you send them i guess the one i sent was not very good, so send a good quality image and you will get a good quality shirt.

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    Great shirt, great printing, great colours. Am really pleased with the final result.

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